Symposium overview

The Half Your Plate Symposium for Health Professionals is hosted in conjunction with the Canadian Produce Marketing Association's (CPMA) Annual Convention and Trade Show which will be held at the Vancouver Convention Centre. This annual full-day symposium provides dietitians and health professionals with key learning and networking opportunities from some of the top nutrition and industry experts, to help Canadians improve their fruit and vegetable consumption for better health.

This year, attendees will gain new knowledge and practical strategies in the following areas:

  • The role of fruits and vegetables in Indigenous diets
  • How fruits and vegetables impact brain health
  • Strategies that may impact fruit and vegetable consumption
  • The produce supply chain
  • A guided tour for health professionals of the CPMA Trade Show

Who can register for this session?

This session is intended for dietitians, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and students registered in these programs. If upon review you do not meet the criteria as indicated above, your registration fees will be refunded. 

Registration fees
  • Student rate: $50 + tax
  • Early bird rate (by March 1, 2024): $50 + tax
  • Regular rate (after March 1, 2024): $70 + tax

This fee includes live presentations, lunch, snacks, and access to the CPMA Trade Show.

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First, let’s feed our brains

Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD, Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary

This presentation will review the world literature proving that nutrition, especially focused on a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, is a major player in determining brain health. Correlational and longitudinal studies show that the onset of mental health problems in both children and adults can often be predicted from dietary patterns. You will gain practical strategies to empower your clients to shift the way they consume food, for improved mental health.

First, let’s feed our brains
Bonnie J. Kaplan, PhD Professor Emeritus, University of Calgary

Eating with the sun: A look at how Indigenous diets reflect the seasons

Jared “Qwustenuxun” Williams, Indigenous Foods Educator and Consultant, Qwustenuxun Consulting

Indigenous food systems are fundamentally bound to the seasons. While much of the Indigenous diet relies on proteins like seafood and wild game, vegetables and fruit have always been an integral component. From berries and rice roots to great camas and seaweed, you will learn about the traditional foods and cooking techniques that were once and still used by the coastal Salish people.

Eating with the sun: A look at how Indigenous diets reflect the seasons
Jared “Qwustenuxun” Williams Indigenous Foods Educator and Consultant, Qwustenuxun Consulting

Panel - From farm to plate: An inside view of the produce supply chain

Follow the journey of fresh fruits and vegetables with local BC growers, wholesalers, and retailers. From growing and harvesting to transportation and distribution, you’ll learn about the intricate supply chain that helps feed millions of Canadians fresh produce daily. Gain valuable insights into the challenges the industry faces, like wildfires, floods, and rising costs, and practices that move the industry forward, like innovation and sustainability. You’ll leave with a better understanding of the interconnected relationships among growers, wholesalers, retailers, and consumers.

Kristin Brown
Kristin Brown, RD, Nutrition Tour Leader and Project Coordinator, Save-On-Foods (Moderator)
Gopal Gupta
Gopal Gupta, Lead Produce Enthusiast, City Wide Produce (Panellist)
Jeff Madu
Jeff Madu, VP of Sales and Operations, Windset Farms (Panellist)
Brian Faulkner
Brian Faulkner, VP Business Development & Marketing, BCfresh (Panellist)

Group activity: Tackling nutrition barriers together

Group activityNo matter what sector you’re in, we all have a common goal, and that is to improve the healthy eating patterns of Canadians. In this peer-to-peer activity, health professionals will work with others in similar areas of practice, to tackle common fruit and vegetable consumption barriers and strategies on how to overcome them.



CPMA Trade Show ($1,000 value)

Canada’s largest fruit and vegetable trade show

CPMA TradeshowDiscover new fruit and vegetable products from over 600 booths and learn about growing methods, local and imported produce, sustainable packaging, and more. Come equipped with your top questions during our guided tour for health professionals and sample an array of fruits and veggies that will tantalize your taste buds.




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