Exhibitor Resources

This is your comprehensive guide to planning your booth and getting the best results from your company’s participation at the 2020 CPMA Trade Show. Keep an eye on the Important Dates and Deadlines and read the Exhibitor Updates for the latest information to keep you on track with your show planning! We look forward to welcoming you in Toronto!

Our Convention dates are May 12th – 14th, 2020.
Trade Show days are Wednesday, May 13th and Thursday, May 14th.


General Show Information Application Forms


Trade Show Planning Guide

Not sure where to start? For a quick overview of important show information and where to find all order forms & services, please read the CPMA Trade Show Planning Guide.

Exhibitor Forms

ALL exhibitors must complete the following notification forms by April 8th, 2020.
Will you be doing any of the following activities at your booth? If so, the following forms must be submitted by April 8th, 2020


Trade Show Information and Exhibitor Services


Exhibitor Services Manual / Ordering Information
Exhibitor Services ManualThe Exhibitor services manual will provide you with all in the information you need to plan your show, and order furniture and services for your booth.

Click here to access the manual.

Manual contents:

Exhibitor Appointed Contractors
  • Exhibitor appointed contractor form

Show Information
  • List of important deadlines/ show schedule
  • Official show suppliers contacts list
  • General trade show information
  • Trade show planning guide

GES Services
  • Carpet, tables and chairs
  • Booth Accessories, floral, graphics
  • Labour I&D, Forklift Services
  • Exhibit and furniture packages, custom booths

Utilities / Convention Centre Services
  • Electrical
  • Sign/banner hanging & rigging
  • Plumbing
  • Booth cleaning/vacuuming
  • Internet
  • TVs and AV equipment
  • Parking Passes

Material Handling / Move In
  • Move-in information and target freight move in floor plan
  • Move-out information
  • Material handling information and order forms
  • Daily delivery labels
  • Produce delivery and cold storage information
  • Food bank donations

Shipping, Customs & Logistics
  • Shipping Information & Labels – Advance warehouses – produce or non-produce
  • Shipping Information & Labels – Direct to show site – produce or non-produce
  • GES Logistics and shipping ordering information
  • Customs information and forms
  • Canadian Food Inspection Agency Letter (CFIA) – Available March, 2020
  • Canadian Border Services Agency Letter (CBSA) – Available March, 2020

Sampling and Catering Information
  • Catering Menu and Order Form
  • Sampling and/or catering notification form
  • Toronto Public Health Food Safety Information
  • Temporary Food Establishment Vendor Application
  • Temporary Handwash Station Order Form
  • Wash Station Floor Plan
  • Exhibitor request to serve alcohol

Additional Show Services
  • Exposoft lead retrieval
  • BBW temporary staffing
  • Lowe Refrigeration

Regulations and Safety Information
  • Exhibit rules
  • Fire Safety Reply Form
  • Booth display guidelines
  • Fire rules and regulations for exhibitors

What’s included with your exhibit space

Each inline booth space comes with an 8 foot high black drape, 3 foot high side rails, and 1 line ID sign (8” x 48”) with the company name and booth number. Please note: Carpet is not included with the booth, but is mandatory as per exhibitor rules. You may bring in your own carpeting or flooring or make arrangements to rent the carpet through GES. Please refer to the Carpet Order form. Carpet is also included as part of Show Special Turnkey Furniture Packages.

Booth furnishings are not included – you will need to make arrangements to supply your own furniture or rent from GES. Tables, chairs, and other booth furnishings and accessories can be ordered through the exhibitor service manual.

Electricity is not included so should you have any elements that required power in your booth, you can make arrangements to order from GES. The Electrical Order form is available here.  

CPMA Show Management will provide an initial pre-show clean for the exhibitor's booth, provided carpet is installed by 6:00pm on Tuesday, May 12th. If additional cleaning is required on the second day, this will be at the exhibitor's own expense.
The Cleaning Service Order form is available in the Exhibitor Services Manual.

Official Show Contacts

Official Full-Service Provider

Carpet / Furniture / Labour / Exhibit Booth Rental Plants / Sign Production / Material Handling / Onsite Product Handling / Advance Warehouse
Global Experience Specials (GES Canada) | Marissa McDonald
Phone: (905) 283-0524 | Toll-free: (877) 437-4247
Email: torontoexhibitorservices@ges.com | mmcdonald@ges.com

CPMA Show Management
General Logistics Questions, CPMA Forms, Insurance Requirements
Nicole Jeffrey | njeffrey@cpma.ca | +1 (613) 226-4187 x217

For a complete listing of official service contractor contacts, please click here.



Badge Registration
For each 10x10 ft. of exhibit space, you will receive five exhibitor badges which include access to the After Party, Trade Show and business sessions.

Should you wish to attend the Chair’s Welcome Reception, Annual Banquet or Retail Tour, please purchase additional tickets as these functions are not included with your exhibitor package. Other than the Annual Banquet, please note that meal functions cannot be purchased as individual tickets as they are only included with delegate registrations. Delegates who are from exhibiting companies have access to the Trade Show including during move-in and move-out times, and do not need an additional exhibitor registration.

Badges are not mailed in advance; they must be picked up at the registration desk on the 600 Level of the MTCC South Building.

New this Year: Exhibitor badges can be registered in our central reservation system. Add exhibitor badges and buy social event tickets all in the same place. For full delegate pass registration will open on January 6, 2020.


Customs and Shipping

GES, the official show carrier and customs broker, will provide assistance to exhibitors in the areas of transportation to and from the show site as well as customs clearance services for exhibit materials and products. Please contact GES for further details.

Please also read the CBSA Letter of Recognition and the CFIA Letter of Exemption carefully, and, if any applies to your company or product, have a copy of these ready at the border. The CBSA Letter of recognition will be sent to all international booth contacts in January 2020 and the CFIA letter will be available in February 2020. If your event materials will be imported by a commercial carrier or courier service, a copy of the CBSA letter should also be attached to any shipping documents.

Importing Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) regulates importation of food and plant products for trade shows and exhibitions in Canada. 

The CFIA Letter details import requirements for the Trade Show, set by the CFIA under the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR). It includes important information related to tariff codes, what to include on required documentation, etc. For apples, onions and potatoes there is information regarding use of the letter for the purposes of quality inspection.

As was the case in previous years, the letter does not provide any exemption regarding plant health or import permits. Section 23 of the SFCR, stated below, includes an exemption from the Regulations and the Safe Food for Canadians Act, which include an exemption from licensing and DRC membership if all exemption requirements noted are met.

Section 23 (1)(b) of the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations (SFCR) referred to below, are applicable to shipments for food exhibitions of 100 kg or less:

23 (1) The provisions of the Act and these Regulations do not apply in respect of a food that is sent or conveyed from one province to another or that is imported or exported if…

(b) the food is intended and used for analysis, evaluation, research or a Canadian or international food exhibition and is part of a shipment that weighs 100 kg or less.

Please be aware that, like all countries, Canada has strict requirements for importation of fruits and vegetables. The plant health requirements set by the CFIA are very diverse and vary depending on the commodity and its origin. Some products are associated with elevated food safety risks and have specific import requirements to minimize potential hazards.

For information regarding the import requirements for these various commodities, please see the CFIA's Automated Import Reference System (AIRS). An importer for product being imported for this show must ensure that all the requirements stated on AIRS are met.

  • If AIRS states that a phytosanitary certificate is required, then the importer must obtain the certificate prior to export of the product from the originating country.
  • It is possible that a permit may be issued under Section 43 of the Plant Protection Regulations for exhibitions / shows in Canada for products that are currently not authorized for import to Canada.In this case, an application for a permit must be submitted and the CFIA will assess the application and make a decision about whether a Section 43 permit is warranted based on the information provided. In some cases, the CFIA may reach out to the applicant to get additional details to support their decision making.
  • If a Permit to Import is required for a given commodity from a given origin, an application must be submitted to the Permit Office of the CFIA's Plant Health and Biosecurity Directorate. The permit application form can be found here: Application for Permit to Import Plants and Other Things Under the Plant Protection Act (CFIA/ACIA 5256)
  • An applicant for an import permit must be one of the following:
  1. a Canadian citizen or permanent resident;
  2. a person authorized under the laws of Canada to reside in Canada for a period of six months or more and who will have possession, care or control of the thing to be imported; or
  3. in the case of a corporation with a place of business in Canada, the applicant must be an agent or officer of the corporation who resides in Canada.
  • The Importer section of the application has a field requesting a Produce license or DRC membership. This can be left blank if the importer is exempt. 
  • It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that the above importer requirements are met. Learn more about the permit application process.


Move-in and Booth Set-up

To ensure a safe and efficient move-in process, the CPMA Trade Show follows a targeted freight move-in schedule which means all exhibitors who require the loading docks must have their truck arrive during their designated move-in slot to have their freight unloaded. 

Option 1: Ship your exhibit materials to the Advance Warehouse

  • We recommend you ship your show material to the GES warehouse in advance of the show. Goods may be shipped to arrive on or after Monday April 6, 2020 and NO LATER than Friday May 1, 2020. The benefits of advance shipping include: storage of material for up to 30 days prior to the show, delivery of shipment to your booth prior to exhibitor move-in and it saves you valuable time.
  • For more information, download/complete the Advance Warehouse Shipping Order Form or contact Marissa McDonald at mmcdonald@ges.com.

Option 2: Move In for Exhibitors using the loading docks

  • A colour-coded move-in floorplan for freight arrivals has been designed to create a controlled environment on the Trade Show floor. If you are using the loading docks, you must have your carrier or trucks arrive during your scheduled move-in time and communicate any difficulties well in advance. If you miss your scheduled move-in time, you must reschedule or be prepared to wait and may be subject to off target fees.
  • Please note the MTCC is currently reviewing its Marshaling Yard Procedures and details will be confirmed for all Exhibitors by mid-February 2020.
  • Your assigned move in time is the time your truck is permitted to check in with GES, not when it arrives on the floor, which can take some time depending on the volume being unloaded and availability of docks. Please be sure to schedule your labour accordingly. For a more accurate arrival time, you can choose to ship your freight to the Advance Warehouse which will mean that it will be in your booth BY your assigned move in time.
  • Move-out begins Thursday, May 14th at 4:30pm after show close. Empty containers will be returned starting at 5:30pm after the aisle carpet removal.
    More information on move-out procedures can be found here.

Option 3: New for 2020 – Move In for Exhibitors using the Hall E Service Elevators

  • There are two service freight elevators located and accessible for exhibitor freight from within the South Building Parking Garage and from Bremner Boulevard across from the South Building MTCC entrance. These elevators can accommodate flat-bed dollies and pallets using pallet jacks only (no forklifts). Flat-bed dollies are strictly prohibited on escalators or passenger elevators. Service Elevator Technical Specs:
    • Dimensions of the physical elevator: 4’ 6” W x 8’ 4” L x 7’ H
    • Load Capacity: 5000 lbs

    Dimensions of the door entrances to the elevators:

  • Bremner Blvd. Entrance (Double Glass Doors): 5’10” W x 7’8” H
  • Garage Parking Level Door: 5’10” W x 6’10”H
  • Hall E: 3’10” W x 7’2”H
  • Reminder: You may NOT move-in earlier than your scheduled time however, if you DO NOT require Loading Dock access, you may move-in later than your scheduled time.

Option 4: Move In for Exhibitors hand carrying items (without loading docks or elevators)

  • Exhibitors who do not require the loading docks or elevators may move in at any time during the hours specified below.
  • If you have ordered carpet or furnishings from GES, these will be set-up in your booth prior to your arrival according to your scheduled move-in time on the floor plan.
  • Materials brought through the front of the exhibit hall must be a small quantity/ size that the exhibitor can carry in by hand – no dollies or carts allowed. All other items must go through the loading docks.

 Exhibitor Move-In Hours are as follows:

Sunday, May 10, 2020: 12pm – 6:00 p.m. (freight as per targeted move-in schedule)
Monday, May 11, 2020: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (freight as per targeted move-in schedule)
Tuesday, May 12, 2020: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. (freight as per targeted move-in schedule)
Wednesday, May 13, 2020: 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. (noon)

** All exhibits must be show ready by Wednesday noon **

All exhibitors, service providers and personnel working on the show floor during move-in and move-out periods are required to wear approved personal protective equipment, at a minimum safety shoes or steel toes. Hard hats, harnesses, fall protection, gloves and safety eyewear must be worn when warranted by safety considerations.

Exhibitor appointed contractors
Exhibitors who are using a third party contractor, other than GES, Lowe’s, or any of our official service providers must complete the Exhibitor Appointed Contractor Form to register their contractors by April 8, 2020, and also provide proof of insurance from their contractor. Please note that if EACs are not registered in advance or do not provide proof of insurance, they will not be permitted into exhibit halls and GES labour must be used.

Electrical, Plumbing and Rigging are exclusive services and must be arranged through Showtech.

Height Limitations for Exhibit Space
Height restrictions vary depending on the type of booth and location, and are strictly enforced. Review these guidelines here.

All display materials should be confined to a maximum of 8 feet 3 inches for all standard in-line booths, 16 feet for perimeter booths and 20 feet for island booths. Please note that for all standard in-line and perimeter booths, all display fixtures and materials over 4 feet in height must be confined to that area of the exhibitor’s space which is within 5 feet of the backline.

Hanging signs and banners are permitted in island and perimeter booths. In-line booths cannot hang signs.


Sampling / Food Service at the Booth

ALL exhibitors must submit the Sampling/Catering Notification Form by April 8th, 2020.

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is the exclusive supplier of food services at the show. Catering Menus can be found in the Exhibitor Services Manual. If you are planning on sampling your product and/or serving food or beverages at your booth, please read all the information below carefully and review the Toronto Public Health Food Safety Information.


Cooking/Heating Food in the Booth

  • If you wish to cook or heat food in your booth, please review the fire regulations carefully, and provide details on the Fire Safety Reply form.
  • If using propane or gas appliances, approval must be obtained 30 days prior to the show.
  • Fire extinguishers must be provided by exhibitors.

Alcohol Service at Your Booth

  • Alcoholic beverages may only be served at your booth with written consent from Show Management. You must complete a Request to serve alcohol, and provide a certificate of insurance for Alcohol Liability to CPMA by April 8th, 2020. Alcohol may only be purchased through MTCC Catering and must be served by an MTCC bartender. Exhibitors are not permitted to bring in their own alcohol.


The Toronto Public Health Requirements are included in the Sampling and Catering Information Section in the Exhibitor Services Manual. To assist you in organizing your safe participation, detailed instructions on safe food handling requirements have been provided in this package to prevent the possibility of foodborne illness.

  • Appropriate handwashing arrangements must be in place in the exhibitor’s booth.
  • You must have arrangements for garbage disposal within your booth. CPMA will provide general garbage cans on the show floor.
  • All foods must be protected from contamination (from public handling, coughs, sneezes, dust, etc.) during preparation, processing, storage and display.
  • All perishable products must be kept at temperatures below 4⁰C (40⁰F) or above 60⁰C (140⁰F)

Temporary Hand Washing Stations
All exhibitors handling unwrapped food require a suitable hand washing kit to be set up in their booth. Hand sanitizers are not permitted as a replacement for traditional hand washing. Exhibitors can provide their own handwashing station – requirements are a container with a spigot/turn spout, for example, 5 gallon blue plastic water jugs or collapsible transparent water container, to supply a continuous stream of warm water that leaves both hands free to allow for vigorous rubbing with soap for 20 seconds, and include a drain bucket, paper towel and hand soap. You can also rent one from GES. Exhibitors who are handling raw meat or other high-risk foods must have a plumbed-in sink in their booth space. These can be ordered through Showtech.

Food Handlers and Chefs
It is recommended that all food handlers take some basic food handler course or food safe certification.
Food handlers’ hygiene requirements must be observed at all times.

  • If you are looking to hire local booth personnel, chefs or certified food handlers, these can be arranged through BBW International.
  • If you are bringing your own chef to work at your booth, CPMA will provide chefs working the show an exhibitor badge (outside of your allowed quota) at no charge. Please send njeffrey@cpma.ca the name of your chef working in your booth by May 1st, 2020.

Produce Wash, Utensils Wash and Hand Wash Stations
CPMA will be providing wash stations around the outside of the trade show floor for all exhibitors to use. These will have signs indicating the locations of the wash stations for Hand Wash, Produce Wash and Utensils Wash. A map of these locations can be found here. Please note that these do not replace the requirement to have a temporary handwash station in your booth, depending on the level of preparation. High-risk foods require you to have a plumbed-in sink in your booth. Sink rentals and plumbing services are available through Showtech.

Cold Storage
Cold storage will be available through GES with reefers sponsored by MSC Canada to store your produce onsite. Please refer to the Exhibitor Services Manual Produce Material Handling Information section for more details on ordering refrigerated storage space and daily delivery in your booth. Labels for daily deliveries can be found in the Exhibitor Services Manual. Please label your produce and ensure that you have scheduled your produce deliveries with GES. Daily produce booth deliveries will occur on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, beginning at 7 a.m. Produce must be ready for removal from your booth by 10:30 a.m.

For display cooler rentals at your booth, please contact Lowe Refrigeration. Their catalogue and order forms are included in the Exhibitor’s Services Manual. Bagged ice can be ordered from MTCC Catering.


Exhibitor Updates Archive

Exhibitor Updates bulletins will be sent to the booth logistics contact on a monthly basis to provide important information to help you plan your show and stay on track with upcoming deadlines for CPMA 2020.

Not receiving our CPMA Exhibitor Updates by email and you would like to? Please contact Nicole Jeffrey (njeffrey@cpma.ca) to be added to our list.

Exhibitor Updates Archive
  • Exhibitor Bulletin #4 – March 4, 2020
    (Topics: Upcoming Deadlines / Update Your Directory Information – Deadline: March 13 / Early Bird Delegate Registration Deadline is March 6 / Hotel Cut-Off Deadlines Approaching / New Registration System for Exhibitor Badges / Showcase Your Snackable Produce at the CPMA Hospitality Area / Requirements for Sampling/Food Service at Your Booth)

  • Exhibitor Bulletin #3 – February 6, 2020
    (Topics: Upcoming Deadlines / Company Profile Information / 2020 New Product Showcase / New Registration System for Exhibitor Badges / Freight Move-In Floor Plan / Showcase Your Snackable Produce at the Hospitality Area / Insurance Certificate requirements / Sampling at Your Booth? Get Your Listing in the ‘Tastes of CPMA’ Feature / Booth Set-up Labour and Exhibitor-Appointed Contractors (EAC) / Co-Exhibitor Registration / Promotional Email Signature Template)

  • Exhibitor Bulletin #2 – January 9, 2020
    (Topics: Exhibitor Services Manual / Trade Show Planning Guide, Put Your New Product or Service in the Spotlight with the 2020 New Product Showcase, Exhibitor Profile Information, Sponsorship Opportunities Available, Co-Exhibitor Registration, New Registration System for Exhibitor Badges)

  • Exhibitor Update #1 – November, 2019
    (Topics: Trade Show Schedule, Book Your Hotel for Toronto – November 26, Exhibitor Warnings, Official Full Service Provider/Exhibitor Services Manual, Exhibitor Confirmation Letter/a2z profile, New Product Showcase)


Exhibitor Warnings

Attendee Lists
Please be aware that any solicitation trying to sell you the attendee list and contacts is a scam. CPMA has no affiliation with any such companies, and does not make attendee contact information publicly available, in accordance with our privacy policy and Canada’s CASL anti-spam legislation.

Housing Scams
CPMA does not use housing bureaus. Please make all hotel bookings by contacting the hotel directly using the information posted on the convention website.

The chances are quite good that you will receive a fax, email or phone call that offers you cut rate housing for the CPMA Convention and Trade Show. The author’s apparent intent is to convince you that the offer is made on behalf of the CPMA Convention and Trade Show. These companies are NOT representatives of CPMA and its Annual Convention & Trade Show.

International Fair Directory
Should you receive an email or invoice from International Fairs Directory requesting companies verify their show listing and submit payment, please be aware this is fraudulent communication. This guide is an independent publication, and has no affiliation with CPMA and its official exhibitor listings.

The only official exhibitor listing and program for the show is produced through CPMA. As always should you have any questions about the legitimacy of any solicitations regarding the CPMA Convention and Trade Show, please contact Nicole Jeffrey at njeffrey@cpma.ca.