Located in the Hall G Foyer, CPMA's Innovation Zone will feature innovators from across the fresh produce spectrum providing attendees and exhibitors with a unique opportunity to learn about the products and services which are disrupting the industry. 

Stop by during the hours below to learn about these companies and have a glimpse at the future to begin building your innovative partnerships.

  • Tuesday, April 25 – 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
  • Wednesday, April 26- 10:00 am – 5:30 pm
  • Thursday, April 27 – 11:00 am - 2:00 pm

Participating companies


Step into the Future of QC Software. Clarifruit offers an automated, end-to-end quality control-as-a-service (QCaaS) platform to empower inspectors with fast, objective, and consistent fresh fruit and vegetable quality control per digitized quality specifications. The structured data provided through inspection activity (Clarifruit mobile app) empowers the quality management teams (Clarifruit’s real-time dashboard) for growers, marketing companies, wholesalers, and retailers to make informed business decisions, reduce waste, and maximize profitability across the fresh produce supply chain. The Clarifruit QcaaS platform includes the world’s first, proprietary AI / Computer Vision technology to measure size, color, (stem) across multiple produce categories.

Todd Fabec

Clēan Works

Clēan Works, a Canadian-based company has developed a 30-second innovative waterless technology to kill up to 99.99 percent of pathogens on virtually any fruit or vegetable.

The Clean Works’ process uses vaporized hydrogen peroxide, ozone and ultraviolet light to eliminate the harmful pathogens and mold. The food safety solution is very versatile, offering the opportunity for utilization by growers, shippers, processors, wholesalers and retailers. The Clean Works process can be done at any step of the fresh produce supply chain, from grower to retailer, and on all kinds of produce, from apples to zucchini and even plastic containers.

Michelle Visser

CO2 GRO Inc.

CO2 GRO Inc. is a People, Planet, and Prosperity-focused precision ag-tech, clean-tech company. Our vision is to transform 700 billion sq. ft. of protected fruit & vegetable growth facilities so they can increase yield by up to 30% and feed half a billion more people around the world. Additionally, our technology provides natural Pathogen Perimeter Protection™ which traditional CO₂ gassing does not. We operate in 15 countries with international partners primarily focused on regions 40 degrees north and south of the equator.

Soumik Roy


At Entosystem, we use cutting edge insect farming technology to position ourselves as a major player in the field of agricultural circular economy. Upcycling food waste is at the heart of our business model and we strive to offer more sustainable and responsible solutions for the health of our animals and our planet. We produce high quality protein, fat and fertilizer (frass) from black soldier fly larvae, that can be a good alternative to traditional agricultural practices and improve our food security.

Pierre Charbonneau


Innodal was launched in 2017 in Quebec City, to produce bacteriocins and other natural antimicrobials for food. In 2020, Innodal’s flagship product, Inneo, was the first bacteriocin recognized by Health Canada as a processing aid. Inneo is an antimicrobial composed of pediocin that mitigates Listeria risks. Inneo demonstrates strong activity against the pathogenic strains Listeria monocytogenes and Clostridium perfringens. Inneo is clean label and a thousand times more effective than traditional methods, and available in dry and liquid formats. This processing aid does not require labeling, thus there is no need to modify packaging labels. Inneo is the most efficient solution to protect consumers against Listeria and your company against recalls.

Cyril Roblet

Market Group Ventures

Promolux LEDs are innovative in the way the spectrum of colour is balanced, which naturally enhances the look of food. What makes Promolux special is that we have also reduced the spectrum of light that damages fresh food, which can extend shelf life.

Cuauhtemoc Sanchez
cuauhtemoc.sanchez@mgvinc.com or info@mgvinc.com

Mitsubishi Electric Automation

Mitsubishi Electric Automation has reliably been helping address many of the produce processing challenges with innovative Smart Farming solutions and robotic automated solutions improving ‘post-harvest’ processing, which includes: 

      • Fruit sorting (visualization)
      • Tray fill/fruit orientation
      • Bagging / Box fill
      • Case Forming / Case Sealing
      • Packaging / Stretch Wrapping/e-commerce Packaging
      • Palletizing
      • IIoT (Overall process management) -> SCADA

Midori Bio Inc.

Midori Bio’s additive, simply accelerates the natural biodegradation process of plastics from centuries to years in a cost-effective manner, easily integrated with your current packaging supplier.  It is next generation technology (not OXO biodegradable) with no microplastics, toxins, migration, heavy metal, starches and is FDA, FTC, Prop65, CONEG, REACH compliant without effecting the normal functionality of your plastics clarity, efficacy, barrier elements and can be recycled or composted.  We all support circularity; Midori supports a recycling/composting plus a biodegradable solution in order to provide the best environmental protection.  National Brands Food Sales and Marketing Inc. supports us in working with their suppliers to integrate into the Canadian marketplace.

Ken Lyons

Provision Analytics

Provision is a technology company with a mission to make it easier to capture processes, catch mistakes, make management easier and ultimately make food safer. We’ve developed a software platform that is completely tailored to your processes and forms so that change management is easier, while being one of the most affordable solutions in the market - allowing small to medium sized food companies to take advantage of technology in their operations.

Amodh Arora


With 40 years of engineering experience and services provided around the world, Vermax’s mission is to meet current and future challenges. Our glass greenhouses are tested and proofed under the heaviest North American weather conditions.

At Vermax, carbon neutrality, energy efficiency, resource optimization and business sustainability are not just buzzwords; they’re our team’s daily source of inspiration and motivation. Vermax is a source of dreams for everyone.

  • The one-stop glass greenhouse solution.
  • Vermax delivers innovative, turnkey projects.
  • State-of-the-art growing technologies and equipment.

1 844 783-7629