Join us April 12-16, 2021 as we come together to celebrate the fresh produce industry. CPMA has designed an engaging program that will feature an online suite of education, inspiring speakers and opportunities for connecting and networking.  Fresh Week is Connections: Reimagined. Registration is open and free.

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Some attendees have chosen to remain anonymous and will not appear in this list.

Look Who's Coming (pdf format) – April 15, 2021
Look Who's Coming (csv format) – April 15, 2021

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CPMA Competition Law Statement

This information is provided as part of CPMA s ongoing commitment to legal and ethical behavior including, in this specific instance, compliance with Canadian competition law.

CPMA has taken measures to ensure that formal meetings do not involve anti-competitive conduct or the appearance of anti-competitive conduct. It is your obligation to ensure that you do not engage in any other contacts outside of the formal meetings that could create issues.

While most of the functions and activities of trade associations do not raise competition law issues, bringing competitors together may allow trade associations to be used, directly or indirectly, to facilitate illegal agreements to restrain competition. In view of the potential risks involved, you must not become involved in any communications or agreements that might give rise to concerns under the Competition Act, the Canadian Produce Marketing Association (CPMA) Competition Guidelines governing meetings while you are attending or participating in any CPMA meetings.

Any questions regarding specific issues should be discussed with the President of CPMA..

Confidentiality of personal contact information
As we approach CPMA’s 95th Convention and Trade Show, Fresh Week, many fresh produce industry members may receive fraudulent emails from scammers who may claim to have personal contact information of CPMA members, Trade Show attendees and exhibitors. Please be advised that CPMA is committed to protecting personal information of all those it collaborates with and does not sell, communicate or disclose their contact information to third parties nor any mailing lists. Please disregard any email that look suspicious.