Hotels 2020

The hotel information for Toronto will be posted on Tuesday, November 26 at 1:00 p.m. ET.


Warning: Beware of Housing Poachers

The chances are quite good that sometime soon you will receive a fax, e-mail transmission or phone call, if you haven’t already, that offers you cut rate housing for the Annual CPMA Convention and Trade Show. The author’s apparent intent is to convince you that the offer is made on behalf of the Annual CPMA Convention and Trade Show. It is not. Many associations and show organizers have become the unwitting victims of these room block poachers who secure exhibitor lists from Internet Web sites and expo databases.

Don't be misled! These companies are NOT representatives of CPMA and our Annual Convention & Trade Show.

Poaching Housing Blocks is not about better prices – it is about highly suspect ethics. When CPMA secures sleeping rooms at a hotel, we do so in order to assure that our attendees and exhibitors are adequately accommodated. We also need the hotel for meeting space for the numerous sessions. This involves contracting the rooms and space with the hotel, but doing so exposes us to cancellation and attrition policies. We hope you will support the CPMA’s efforts to thwart the efforts of room block poachers when making your housing arrangements.